10 Men You Should be Following on Instagram


We here at Two Boys At Play are nothing if not enthusiastic about bringing you eye candy.  To that end, we have scoured the deep, dark depths of Instagram to bring you the best we can.  It is was difficult, back-breaking work but we are excited to share with you the fruits of our efforts.  Enjoy!


Wooty Booty


This (jock-) strapping young man is rarely fully clothed and often pushing the limits of what Instagram will allow.  I’m not exactly sure what wooty means, but it seems likely that his booty is that.

Just Another Morty Monday! My Little Bug Eyed Buddy Is Almost 1 Year Old

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Leo Forte


Porn star, gifted photographer, proud puppy-daddy, occasional (and very creative) drag performer, pornographer, just all around interesting guy with a healthy sense of humor

Hello from the set! ❤️❤️❤️

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#FortTroff #Timoteo

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I really have no insight into this man to give you except that’s he gorgeous and destined to have my babies

Hot happy birthday ☀️

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Selfie with Leo

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Tom Daley


British Olympic diver, budding fitness guru, partner of Oscar-winning writer of Milk, Dustin Lance Black.  Tom is, of course, very attractive, but also sort of endearingly geeky in a way too.

I most certainly did not have my poker face on last night @ladygaga #Joanne

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Be in the moment.

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Furry beauty.  His bio line is “My favorite color is me” in Spanish, so take that as you will.  Let’s be honest, the amount of posting pictures of themselves that most of these guys do is not indicative of a healthy self-image.  But look how pretty!

Laurentiu Paicu


This one might seem random, but I met this guy when I was in Romania a while back.  He’s a designer, architect, model, gorgeous man (obvs), and a surprisingly nice guy – so, disgustingly perfect.


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#architecture #architect #hunk #guy #dude #beard

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Davey Wavey


I know he’s a little polarizing, for reasons that are beyond me, but come on quit hating – he’s cute and seems like a genuinely nice guy

Filmed a video about… nudity with the experts @seanfordxx and @firstmate_blake 😳 #provincetown

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Two Bad Tourists


So my new Instagram obsession is travel porn, and some of my favorite travel bloggers are gay ones.  Two Bad Tourists are an American couple based in Spain who travel all over doing fun things and looking adorable.

Nomadic Boys


My other favorite cute-couple travel bloggers are the Nomadic Boys, Stefan and Sebastien, who are French and Greek and cute as buttons. “What are you doing, Seby?” That will be funny to you later.

A kiss in the Amazon as we cruise down the Napo River in Ecuador…in a Jacuzzi of course

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Song Inkollo


And now for something completely different…  How about a French guy who does a comic strip about him and his beefy partner.





Speaking of travel porn, the writer of our sister site we2boys.com, about the gay community around the world, has an Instragram account full of pics from his travels.  Check it out.

A little year-end retrospective… we2boys.com

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  1. Finally a list that doesn’t include the disgusting trash known as @matthewcampnyc. So refreshing, thanks guys!

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